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Welcome to LJHS College Info! 

The philosophy at La Jolla High School is that every student requires some sort of post-secondary education and it can take many forms: job training (whether an apprenticeship or Community College Certificate), Associate's Degree or Bachelor's Degree - and of course, possibilities beyond in Master's or Doctoral degrees. Our counselors provide information to all students and help them chose the path that best suits their short and long-term goals. You will find information on all these options on this website, but the majority of content will be geared toward students looking to gain an undergraduate degree from a four-year college or university.

With over 3,000 colleges in this country (and many more in Canada and overseas) there is a place for everyone - and we want our students to find the right college fit. The "right fit" means a school that is academically challenging (but not overwhelming), socially engaging and financially affordable for the family. There should be several schools which would fill the bill for each student and we hope to empower them to find those schools and ultimately find their place in a great college community.

We hope you will see this website as a road map with resources to help guide you as you search for a list of colleges where you could be admitted and where you could thrive. 

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