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Creating Your College List

Creating your list of colleges where you would like to apply (ergo, where you'd like to attend for four years) is the most important and possibly the trickiest part of the college search process. With over 3,000 four-year colleges in the US and many more in Canada and overseas, how can you know about all these places? What majors, what programs, and what type of campus culture? How are the winters? What are the dorms like? How welcoming is the surrounding community? There is so much to know, so start thinking about your college priorities and use the tools to help identify places that line up with your interests, your values, and your goals. Here are some resources you can and should use:

The place to start when creating your college with you! What are your interests? What about long-term goals? Please refer back to the "Researching Careers, Majors and Colleges" tab. Then, dive into:

Xello - This is the tool La Jolla High School uses to help students and families research colleges.

There are many websites that can help you search for colleges that fit your interests. Here are a few:

CollegeXpress -

College Navigator -

College Data -

College Transitions -

The worksheets provided free of charge by Dr. Steven Antonoff, author of The College Finder, are absolutely invaluable! Please check them out - complete his worksheets and read his thoughtful feedback at

And please check out this presentation about creating your college list that Mrs. Dowley made in 2019...the information is still relevant!

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