College Requirements

While colleges vary in selectivity, the UC A-G course requirements are the standard for most colleges. Fortunately for students in the San Diego Unified School District, course requirements for graduation actually exceed the UC A-G requirements, so high school graduates in our district who receive a "C" or better in all classes meet the minimum course eligibility requirements for UC and CSU colleges. Higher grades (and high course level such as honors or AP) will be required for admission to highly selective schools, including many UC schools.

A-G Course Requirements:

A) History                                       2 years

B) English                                       4 years

C) Math                                          3 years; 4 years recommended

                                                        (IM 1,2&3)

D) Science                                      2 years; 3-4 years recommended

E) Language other than English   2 years (3-4 years recommended)

F) Visual and Performing Arts       1 year

G) College Prep Elective               1 year

For complete explanation of A-G requirements, go to: