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Where to Start?

It can be overwhelming to know where and how to begin the college search, but the following pages should provide you with the information you need to begin to bring into focus your goals and reasons for wanting to attend college. Then, you can learn about the different types of colleges and research majors (which will lead you toward those career and life goals) and understand college admissions requirements. You will learn about different cool programs that exist, begin to create your list of schools that interest you, and ultimately narrow it down to the schools where you will apply.

Of course, your LJHS Counselors are available to answer questions and help guide you with programs and information. Since they are the ones who will write your college letters of recommendation (along with one or two teachers), it is good to get to know them.

Counselor Contact Info:

Katherine Fitzpatrick  - Students with last names A - Fe

858-634-8000 x 3055

Alexander Drozda  - Students with last names Fi - L

858-634-8000 x3059

Rhiannon Soria - Students with last names M - Sc

858-634-8000 x3056

Clinton McVay - Students with last names Se - Z

858-634-8000 x3058

Counseling Secretary

Megan Cox 

(858) 634-8000 x3024


Delia Lopez

School Psychologist

Shawn Dee Hartless

(858) 634-8000 x3045

LJHS CEEB Code - 051335

PTSA Informational Programs:

Coffee and College - November 2021 PTSA presentation.pdf 

How to Help Your Student Start the College Search - December 2020 PTA presentation.pdf

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