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Types of Applications

Below are the four main types of applications we will cover here. Many colleges will accept multiple types of applications, but if all of your schools accept the Common App but one or two also accept the Coalition or Universal Application, use the one accepted by all of your schools. No need to begin on an additional platform. Many out-of-state public schools and some private schools use none of the applications listed below and instead have their own application. You can find information on each of those colleges' websites, although there are some links on the final page in this section "Coalition and Others".

University of California Application Information

The University of California application is open August 1 and can be submitted between November 1 and November 30. Here is more information:

California State University Application Information 

The Cal State application opens October 1 and can be submitted between October 1 and December 4. To start your application to one or more of the 23 campuses, follow this link:

Common Application Information

Over 900 colleges use the Common Application to apply for admission. Get started here:

The Coalition Application

The Coalition for College Access is another college application platform. There are few colleges which only use the Coalition Application (many use the Coalition and the Common Application) and if you have the option, it is probably advisable to stick with one platform - it will make filling out the applications less time-intensive. For more information on the Coalition application, go to:

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