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Many college offer interviews to applicants - and if you are offered an interview, take it! This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your interest and learn more about the school. It may be in person or over Zoom, it may be with an alum of the school or with an admissions rep. Usually, this takes place after the application has been submitted so check your schools' websites to see if they offer interviews - and check  your email and portals to see if you have been offered an interview..

Some basic rules:

Whether the interview is in-person or remote, please follow these basic guidelines: be on time, dress nicely, look your interviewer in the eye, and offer a strong handshake (if in person). Be polite and respectful and when the interview is concluded, ask if there are any next-steps for you and thank them for their time. Be sure you have their contact information and follow up with a thank you email or hand-written note.

Questions you might hear and should be prepared to answer:

While this isn't a comprehensive list of questions you might hear, it is a great overview and should get you thinking.

Here is a graphic to describe the interview experience - check it out!

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