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Financial Aid Information

Financial Aid is the term for getting help paying for college.

This help can come from:

  • the federal government

  • the state government

  • the college itself (also called institutional aid)

  • private scholarships.

Financial aid comes in two forms: need-based aid and merit aid.

  • Need-based aid is provided when the federal government, state government, and/or college have determined that a family has a need for financial assistance in order for the student to attend college (based on information they receive on your financial aid forms – FAFSA and CSS Profile). Unfortunately, financial need is not based on what a family thinks they can or cannot afford to pay!

  • Merit aid is provided by the college to students identified as having a special talent or academic merit (ex: high grades, recruited athlete). Used to woo students.


Please see the full list of financial aid terms in the final drop-down in this section. 

Comprehensive Financial Aid Presentation - click here to view: Applying for Financial Aid

Helpful Websites for Financial Aid and Paying for College:

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