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Scholarship Information 

Scholarship Information and Links:

Many private scholarships are available to help students pay for college. As a friend who is a financial advisor once told me, when it comes to outside scholarships students should "apply but don't rely." Many scholarships are highly competitive and offer a lot of money. However, some scholarships are less competitive and while some offer less money, a student willing to put in the time to apply broadly can be pleasantly surprised by the amount of money they can earn toward their college expenses. Here are some scholarship search sites:

La Jolla High Scholarship Foundation

LJHS students applying for need-based financial aid, should apply to this scholarship. More information and applications are available in the winter of senior year and can be found here:

Please check out these many (and varied) scholarship sites. And remember, you never need to pay anyone to find scholarships for you - you should be able to find many on the sites below!


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