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The Importance of Choosing Senior Year Courses

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Choosing high school classes is an essential part of your journey towards college. The process of choosing classes for your senior year will take place in the winter of your junior year. There are a few things you should know about how your high school class choices might affect your status as a college applicant:

  • Colleges want to see students follow a trajectory. If you have been taking rigorous classes, you should continue to do so. This is not a time to slack off or coast.

  • Colleges want to see students challenge themselves. The rigor of your coursework is important. If you have been taking mostly regular level classes, try taking at least one honors or advanced class. If you have taken advanced classes, try an AP class in a subject area that interests you. And if you’re an AP level student, continue on that path during your senior year.

  • Take advantage of your senior status. If you have not yet had the opportunity to take some of the classes which sound interesting to you (AP Psyche, AP Art History, Journalism, Year Book, ASB) because you didn’t have room in your schedule or the class was full, you should get first dibs as a senior. Take advantage of your status as a senior and sign up!

  • Create your story. The classes you choose speak volumes about your interests. This is not only true of your electives, but for all your classes. I have seen students with senior year schedules consisting of 3 APs, 2 Dual Enrollment (college) classes and Art. Or Ceramics. Or Drama. Maintain rigorous courses but be sure to maintain your passion as well. If there is an area of interest that you have been able to weave through your high school years and you want to continue with it, then do! And if there is something new you want to try, seize that opportunity.

  • Take time to research colleges! There are so many interesting programs and opportunities out there, and it can be difficult to know where to start looking. Use Xello to search for colleges, but also College Data and College Board’s Big Future and there’s always google! Here’s a list of interesting (weird?) college majors: 34 Weird (But Cool) College Majors | Fastweb.

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