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Thoughts on Rolling Admission

There are a lot of colleges out there which offer “Rolling Admission”. Generally, rolling admission means that the college evaluates applications as they are submitted and lets applicants know as soon as an admission decision is reached. You should consider having at least one rolling admission school on your list – a school where you are a strong candidate for admission – and applying early. It takes the pressure off to get a positive response early in the process; so if you apply early in the fall, you will hear back quickly (often within a few weeks), thereby having one school “in your pocket” (and the knowledge that you have college options)! Colleges which offer rolling admission include Purdue, Penn State, University of Pittsburgh, Michigan State, Indiana University, Arizona State University, University of Minnesota, Quinnipiac, Texas A&M, University of Alabama, University of Tulsa, Barea College and many more. It is important to check the school’s website to see exactly how they handle rolling admission and whether they have deadlines in order to receive certain types of financial aid or maximum scholarships.

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